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Anonymous: Wait, what's wrong with Silver RavenWolf?


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Tarnished Silver

Why We Despise Silver Ravenwolf

The Problem With Silver Ravenwolf

Essentially: much of what she writes is unethical, bigoted, a lie, or simply wrong. She’s the poster girl for “bad witchcraft 101 books”. A lot of people start out with her because her books are easy to find and attractive (for whatever reason) and end up feeling betrayed later on when they discover something she wrote and they believed isn’t actually true.

Exactly. Ravenwolf is a fraud.

"The Future is Now Thanks to Sorcery!"
-Mirror!Clemont (probably)
Public Service Announcement

Occaam’s Razor — is not a substitute for analyzing and problem, nor is it an axiom of science. it cannot be used to pigeonhole a preferred conclusion, it is only used when the same conclusion has more than one competing hypothesis.

"To practice black magic you have to violate every principle of science, decency, and intelligence. You must be obsessed with an insane idea of the importance of the petty object of your wretched and selfish desires."
-Aleister Crowley, “Black Magic is Not a Myth” (via lucifelle)

I would question his definition of “Black Magick.” Black Magik in my view is the only true Magik. It’s basically making the Universe conform to you instead of the other way around, by having 100% confidence that things will work out for you at all times and suspending your disbelief. This harmonizes you with the universe and, by its own laws, it follows your command. One who assumes the position of the Universe in their mind, harmonizes energetically with the Universe. It’s only fair after all, the Universe is not conscious of itself and has no idea what’s going on. The Pagan community suffers mostly as a result of its own Magik working against it, strictly due to emphasis on practicing White Magik and having the unconscious forces of nature lead their lives. They dance like hippies and advocate chaos over order. “Chaos is freedom” and “Order is Dogma”, this is tomfoolery. Order and discipline reign supreme in Magik as is being commanding and powerful. This isn’t “do nothing cosmic foo foo” Ameriyoga this is Magik. It’s all about power and heck if I’ll have some silver spooned brat who blew his inheritance and died in an old folks home lecture me about “Low Magik.” Though I do appreciate the bulk of his contributions to Occultism, I dislike that the 2 things that all but ruined it: 1. his passage in the Goetia about spirits being “portions of the human brain”  which was widely misinterpreted to mean that “spirits are psychological”, something that Crowley himself did not believe as he clarified in Magick Without Tears which has a specific chapter devoted to spirits he’s seen with his physical eye, another devoted to how the “Holy Guardian Angel” was an objective individual and another entitled “Do Angels Cut Themselves Shaving” where he dismisses Occaam’s Razor as being useless when dealing with spirit phenomenon (which is true) and 2. His confusion of Mysticism and Magik. The only real Magik is Low Magik. High Magik is Mysticism.




Bear in mind that, when I say not religious, I mean things like calling yourself a secular humanist, humanist, atheist, agnostic, spiritual but not religious, or any variation on not identifying as religious. For…

I’m a humanist, but also a Theist and religion, but my religion is Prisca Theologia, which is the one true religion. But we don’t kill for it, we don’t need to. This knowledge has no business in the hands of the average individual and is reserved only for those worthy of it (as any good thing with real power behind it should be).