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That’s fucking cruel

This isn’t fucking funny. My mom has been a waitress almost all of my life and for most of it we lived off of scraps. She worked hard every damn day being paid less than minimum wage to help raise us four kids. All of our meals, all of our clothing, all of our school books, our fucking rent was always paid by tips. Some weeks were better than others but we learned how to make our dimes stretch and now she is doing better, with a manager position where things are more stable for her.


When Christians act like little fucks

I have had online discussions with the people who think this is in any way okay, and boy, was that frustrating.

One of my friends had a lovely solution to the thing where people offer you things like this: Don’t unfold it, don’t even look at it, just put it in your pocket and thank them profusely, explaining how you didn’t know where your next meal was coming from and you’d been praying, and God must have heard them because now you can buy food for your kids.

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Sciences Occultes


Sciences Occultes #0 The Summer Issue
Sciences Occultes #0 cover for Sciences Occultes Magazine, “a quarterly magazine about photography, fashion and arts in general who tries to offer a view on the invisible side of things,” added by Janis Ganga in the Hermetic Library visual pool

Sciences Occultes #1 The Fall Issue

Sciences Occultes #2 The Winter Issue

Sciences Occultes #3 The Spring Issue

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Anything Summoning = awesome!


I’m glad I got emerald in my class ring. :3



I’m glad I got emerald in my class ring. :3


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Anonymous said: How is the 30 days of not drinking alcohol going? Are you guys still going out to bars with friends but just ordering nonalcoholic drinks? Drinking is such a social thing for me...



Week one just ended. Honestly, there were a couple times when I was like “I’m so happy let’s crack a beer” or “I’m so stressed out I need a glass of wine” and then I had to remind myself that not only am I not drinking for 30 days, but also there are other ways to celebrate or reward myself. 

We went out for a friend’s birthday party at The Abbey and it was really difficult. I eventually just got a shirley temple with lime and I forgot it wasn’t alcoholic and woke up feeling great the next day. :) 

I’m so so happy Sarah and I are doing this and I’m learning so much about myself and I’m only 1/4 of the way there. Good Luck if you decide to try it! If you think it’ll be hard just start with 7 days?  

Wooo Way To Go Stevie and Sarah! Keep Up The Fantastic Work!

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The Recent Video of JaclynGlenn, My Comments

I just watched the recent video by Jaclyn Glenn which talks about Extreme Feminists and I feel the need to comment on what I saw. If you don’t know who Jaclyn Glenn is, she’s an Atheist/Anti-theist, Vegetarian activist who does videos on youtube about those topics, the particular video in question can be seen by clicking this link: http://youtu.be/hbRwe9srFfA The video is a bit longer than most of her others and while I have no problem with exposing extreme feminism for what it is, you see that she spends the first part of her video talking about her Catholic upbringing and, in typical Anti-Theist fashion, she uses the words “religious” and “religious people” as if they were synonymous with the extremist factions of Abrahamic religions. While watching the video, I couldn’t help but to be a bit offended since I posted this: http://templearckanum.tumblr.com/post/92494386604/atheists-stop-magik-users-are-the-most-persecuted the exact same day. You don’t need to look far into the internet activities of the temple to see that we take issue with the seemingly inevitable tendency for anti-theists like Ms. Glenn to generalize all religions as if they operated like the radical exoteric versions of Abrahamic religions. This mentality isn’t coincidental, it’s ignorance spread by Atheist propaganda books like “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins. I perfectly understand that people can’t act on what they don’t know, but the real fault is when I bring this up to anti-theists and they still keep doing it. Furthermore, Ms. Glenn states near the end of her video that she and ZOMGitsCriss “fight against ALL religious people.” Rather than discuss her fallacies in great detail, I would prefer to take the time to correct Ms. Glenn on her fallacies.

1. Not all religious people are homophobic. In fact, some religions like Wicca are categorically accepting of LGBT and forerunners in gay rights activists, you can read more about it here: http://www.religioustolerance.org/wic_stat1.htm

2. A Pagan religion, by definition, is a religion that does not have Judeo-Christian roots. Pagan religions are more inclusive than every denomination of every mainstream religion and constitute the majority of individual religious schools of thought, even though they may be much smaller in terms of actual members.

3. “Animism” is the paradigm that encompasses the majority of the world’s religions. It is monist in nature and as such, does not separate the physical from the spiritual. In simple terms, Animism sees the physical and spiritual as two sides of the same reality, not as two separate realities entirely. Thus, using arguments of “belief in supernatural dualism” against non-Abrahamic religions to try to pass us off as “unsophisticated” does not apply.

4. Pagans study science and science isn’t considered to be in opposition with a Pagan path, especially a nature-based Pagan Path. Some Pagan youtubers like “madeofyucca” are starting a career as scientists, MagickTV has a “Pagan Science podcast” where they bring in Pagan experts specific to the topic of the day and you’d do well to listen to some of the pre-recorded ones before you lump all religions together.

5. Some Pagans are Atheists. Paganism does not require Theism.

6. Pagans are religious people and by spreading stigma about religious people as a whole, you’re including us as well. Stop it!

In light of that, I’m planning a long overdue video responses to Mr. Devchelle2 (in place of Templis Arckanum Adeptus Major, “Shadowlark”) and with that I will eventually include Ms. Glenn if she persists in stigmatizing religion.


What’s wrong with sluts? I like sluts, they like to get straight to the point. If I see a woman that I think is sexy and I like her, I have no problem having sex with her without saying a word. That’s how Iceland is and the world should follow suit! I’m not from Iceland, but if people can live that way without the post-apocalyptic hell breaking loose in society that is often advertised, then there’s no reason to be so uptight about sex all the time. Relax, it’s just sex. Have sex with whoever consents and no one should feel ashamed of consenting or being honest. All I should have to do it go up to a woman, wink and touch her boob gently and she should grab my hand and walk me to her place or her car to drive to her place. That’s all that getting laid should entail. “But that’s too easy”, that’s the point! “But no, it has to be hard!” Why? “Because they could have an STD!” No one says you can’t get tested and besides, it doesn’t matter because no amount of repression will give you a built-in STD infected person detector in your brain.