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Magik is an objective phenomenon that can operate based on the subjectivity of its user. It’s like tofu — it mimics whatever its put into.

I’ve hit women before. Many times. I’ve punched them, kicked them, tripped them and chopped them. The thing is, they were my instructors at the kwoon (Kung Fu school) I train in and we were sparring. If I didn’t hit them, I’d be wasting my time and theirs, hindering my learning and, last but not least, gotten knocked the heck out! Aside from that, I’ve never hit women. I’d never hit a woman who I wasn’t training in martial arts with. If you think I’m less of a man because of this, then I cordially invite you to the kwoon I train in to try your philosophy. Because I tried it the first day… and got knocked the heck out!!

If you’re a man who doesn’t hit a trained female fighter in a sparring session because she’s a woman, then you’re a sexist. You’re also arrogant to think that you’re so much better and stronger than a woman that you’d drop her with a single punch. That’s a joke and the punch line is more of a punch than a punch line. When the gloves are strapped on, the rules you apply outside of the Martial Arts arena change. When the gloves come off and you walk out of the kwoon or whatever Martial Arts establishment you train in is referred to, the rules change back to what they were before you put on the gloves.



More money oil


1 pt chamomile oil
1 pt Texas cedar wood oil
1 pt vetiver oil

Use this oil to anoint candles, money and charms.

-judika Illes

"You’ll never see the beauty in a chaotic world if all you’re doing is looking at the disasters instead of the sprouting flowers underneath the falling tree."

Quang Trí, BuddhaJourney.net (via buddhajourney)


Air: amethyst, ametrine, blue apatite, azurite, selenite, sodalite, tanzanite, blue tourmaline, lapis lazuli, blue sapphire, white sapphire, blue jade, charoite, clear calcite, blue calcite, angel aura quartz, angelite, blue aventurine, celestite, danburite, diamond,…